About Kueens Kulture

Kueens Kulture offers traditional African waistbeads. All beads are handmade in Africa. 

Waistbeads are a West African practice that’s signify wealth, aristocracy, and also femininity.  Waistbeads can be worn under your clothing to only be seen by those who you allow to see them and they also can be worn on top of clothing and on bare mid drifts. 

Beads are typically worn at all times (even while sleeping and bathing) and can serve as symbols of sensuality, fertility, and rites of passage, passed down from mother to daughter.   Beads can be conveyors of positive energy and healing. Some wear them for fashion reason as well, because let’s be honest, they are very beautiful. Then there are some who where them for weight monitoring and weight control. When you are gaining weight the beads roll up. When you are losing weight the beads roll down

One common misconception is that you have to be a specific size to wear waistbeads. 


Waistbeads are for ALL SIZES so please don’t think that you have to lose weight first before you can start on your waistbead journey.

Welcome to Kueens Kulture!